Why You Need Us

It’s a fact: In every business there’s an expert. For legal advice you seek an attorney who specializes in the industry you are seeking. For medical advice you would do the same. The same holds true when it comes to website development and design. If you deprive yourself of seeking an expert – especially when it comes to building your website – your competition will be beating you to the punch and you will be putting yourself out of business especially if you plan on building your website yourself!

The important thing about having someone oversee your website development for you provides you with a very powerful tool called leverage, where I only use high quality talent while you improve your productivity and generate business!

Don’t you have better things to do then tinkering around with building a website, searching for images, and setting it up on the server?

What We Offer

  • Awesome, Jaw Dropping, Eye Catching Websites
  • Responsive and Mobile friendly in all devices
  • All Websites Designed by Elite Author Designers
  • Masters in WordPress
  • One-On-One Telephone/Email Consultation and Correspondence
  • Hand Holding Every Step of The Way

Content Page SetUp

Content is the blood of all sites over the web. You can have the greatest website in the world, but without content, what in the world are you going to give to people to read or watch when they visit your website? Depending on what package you select, you will get content ready pages set up on your server. All you need to do is drop in your web copy. We also offer for an extra fee help writing your copy and we’ll even drop it in for you once you approve it!

Dedicated Special Customization

As a perfectionist, I work closely with my clients helping them customize every single aspect on their site while working closely with my fabulous Master WordPress experts. Hiring your own Master WordPress Expert can be extremely expensive once you find them but in the meantime it’s time consuming trying to track them down. If you were to hire a Master WordPress Expert on your own, expect to pay minimum $30 to $100+ per hour. My team is overseen by Himanshu Softtech, a ThemeForest and CodeCanyon Elite Author who has worked Backstage on over twenty plus (20+) 6 Figures IM Launches.


One of the common misconceptions about WordPress is that since it is open source, it may not be good enough for big brands or even for your company.  To disprove this myth, here’s a carousel of some notable big name brands such as Time, Target, Wall Street Journal, Variety, Bloomberg and others  that are using WordPress on their websites and you could be one of them with our help.